Program Description

In recent years, many public health crises are evident across the World that threatens health of populations. Now people are concerned and looking for answers: how can we prevent diseases from our community? How can we prolong our life? How can we ensure equity? How can we improve the health system? How can we ensure quality of health care? and how can we promote a healthy lifestyle? The Department of Public Health & Informatics (DPHI) at Jahangirnagar University considers those questions as major opportunities and drivers for research, innovation, and solutions.

As part of DPHI’s vision, DPHI has launched Weekend Master of Public Health (W-MPH) to prepare students and professionals from different backgrounds with knowledge, expertise, and skills for better performance and practice in public health areas. The goal of the W-MPH program is to train the graduates by effective learning and evidence-based practices of public health that help create next-generation public health leaders. The program will strengthen the capacity of public health professionals that help them to fight contemporary public health issues both nationally and internationally.

The program consists of 52credit hours and will be completed within four semesters. Each semester covers four months of duration. The program offers flexibility for the students to tailor specific career goals of professionals, e.g., major tract/concentration in W-MPH. The courses of the program are conducted by highly qualified and experienced faculty members through interactive teaching, learning, and evidence-based public health practices.
The approximate time distribution of a semester will be as follows:

Total Length 17 Weeks
Segment Period Length
Class Weeks 1st Week – 12th Week 12 Weeks
Preparatory leave before semester-end examination 13th Week 01 Week
Semester-end examination 14th Week – 15th Week 02 Weeks
Result Processing & Publishing 16th – 17th Week 02 Weeks