Examination Regulation

Semester Final Examination

Students have to appear in the final examination for registered courses at the end of each semester. Without any acceptable reason, a student will not be allowed to sit for the final examination of a course if he/she will be absent for more than 30% of the total class.

Course evaluation

For course assessment, 100 marks shall be assigned to each of the three credit hours course. Students’ performance in a course will be evaluated as followed:

Number of tasks Description Marks%
1 Class Attendance and Performance 10%
2 Quiz/ Assignment × 2 10 × 2 = 20%
3 Mid-term examination 30%
4 Final Examination 40%

Grading System

The letter grade and the grade points will be as follows:

Marks range Later Grade Grade Point
80% or above A+ 4.00
75% to < 80% A 3.75
70% to <75% A– 3.50
65% to <70% B+ 3.25
60% to <65% B 3.00
55% to <60% B- 2.75
50% to <55% C+ 2.50
45% to <50% C 2.25
40% to <45% F 0
<40% F 0
- <40% I Incomplete

Calculation of GPA

Grade Point Average (GPA) is the weighted average of the grade points obtained in all the courses passed by a student. For example, if a student passes four courses in a semester having credits of C1, C2, C3, C4 and his/her grade points in these courses are G1, G2, G3, G4 respectively then,

Cumulative Grade Points (CGPA) will be calculated considering all GPAs earned by a student in different semesters.

Earned Credits/Marks

  1. Courses in which a student gets ‘F’ grades shall not be counted towards credit hour requirements and for the calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA).
  2. If a student does not appear in the final examination he/she will get ‘I’ (incomplete) grade. In that case, he/she may be allowed to sit for the re-take examination arranged by the Coordination Committee by paying the required fees within a shortest period of time after publishing the semester result.
  3. If a student obtains “F” grade in any course in any semester, she/he may be allowed to repeat that course by paying the required fees.
  4. A student having a grade ‘A-’ or worse in any course may also want to improve the grade by retaking the course when available in the next semester on payment to retaking course fees
  5. If the student appears in the Re-take examination, he/she has to re-register (repeat) that course in the following available semester.
  6. A student may be permitted to withdraw or change his/her registered course(s) within two working weeks of the commencement of the semester. If a student fails to withdraw from the course and does not appear in the class test/final examination his/her grade in that course shall be recorded as “I” (incomplete). Thus, he/she has to register (repeat) that course in the following available semester.
  7. A student will not be allowed to retake any course after completion of the program, but in that case, he/she decide to do so, he/she may apply to withhold his/her degree to the program coordination committee. Therefore, the transcripts will show credits, grades, and R (retake) against the retake course.
  8. Students will be permitted to retake a course only once in the entire WMPH program. To retake a course, the student must apply to the program coordination committee at least 4 weeks before the start of the semester. Any application for retaking a course will automatically lead to cancellation of his/her earlier grade.

Special Examination

A student unable to complete the requirement of the program within 8 consecutive semesters from the date of admission may be allowed to sit for a special examination based on the recommendation of the program coordination committee. In that situation, a special examination fee will be charged for the student.

Publishing consolidated results and grade

The exam committee formed by the program coordination committee will prepare the final results for each semester. The Controller of Examinations will make arrangements to publish the results officially. The controller office will issue the certificates as per the rule of the university after successful completion of the program.

Award of degree

On successful completion of the degree requirements of the program within the specified time a student will be awarded the Degree of Weekend Master of Public Health with major by the Jahangirnagar University upon recommendation by the Academic Committee of the Department of Public Health and Informatics. Students completing the required courses with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 will be eligible for the degree. But none will get a degree with an F and or I grade in any course.