Courses of Study

There shall be approved syllabus of courses of study for the program.

Course Designation and Credit Assignment

The WMPH program’s classes will take place two days a week (Friday and Saturday). The duration of each class will be 3-hours for each course to fulfil 3 credit hours limit in a week. Every student will be awarded a certificate only if he/she successfully completes all the coursework activities and fulfil the requirements of the WMPH program. Students must attend at least 70% of classes to sit for the final exam. The number of classes for each course is one in a week and every class is of 3 hours duration. This means that the total number of classes in a semester for one course is approximately 36 hours.
A course code is given below as an example:

Course Registration

A student must complete the degree within 8 consecutive semesters and must take at least 6 credit hours in a semester but not more than 15 credit hours. In special circumstances, a maximum period of completion may be extended up to 3 years. However, in the last semester a student should register for viva