Cost Structure of W-MPH Program for an individual Student

Item(s) Per Semester/Course (BDT) Total Cost (BDT)
Admission Fee (One time) 12,000
Seminar Library Fee (One time) 2,000
Lab Fee/Hospital visit/Field visits 12,000
Development Fee (One time) 32,000
Semester Fee * 8,000 (x4) 32,000
Tuition Fee (3,500/- per credit) 3,500 (x52) 182,000
Total Fee 2,50,000
Total Cost for the Whole W-MPH Program Tk. 2, 50,000 (assuming that the student would not attend any prerequisite course)

Professor Dr. Md. Tajuddin Sikder

Coordinator, W-MPH JU

Department of Public Health and Informatics


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